Why Income's Passive Income Service is Superior To All Others

Everyone could always use extra money in their bank account, it makes the world go round. However, not everyone can always find the means to do so, especially when considering the ways people can earn extra money with  barely any labor. Extra money in this case is also known as passive income because it's additional income earned with very little work. Because of the digital age, so many people with access to the internet can earn passive income with the array of apps and websites available. One such app that brings in steady passive income is Income.

With Income, your internet becomes your most valuable online asset.

What is Income

Income is a Windows application that provides its set of residential proxy services to clients such as market intelligence, travel fare comparison, social media monitoring, ad-fraud detection, etc. Income uses your internet connection as the gateway to execute these different services for its clients. At any point of time, you use only a small percentage of your entire internet bandwidth, to which Income utilizes the rest of the unused bandwidth as residential proxies. We only use a few MBs a day from each user, so we are hardly even noticed. Most users can consume several thousand times this much data. If you can stream Netflix then Income will not slow you down. In fact, we measure bandwidth allocation and if we might slow a connection we will not use it out of respect for the user.

In simple terms, Income allows a user like you to rent out your unused internet bandwidth to other companies in order for them to properly conduct their business activities that rely on internet data. Further, Income's residential proxy network is decentralized at its core, supplying companies a unique ability to execute their activities at first encounter! 

How do I get paid using Income?

Businesses pay you for your unused internet bandwidth. Here's the breakdown: We pay $1.50 per 10GB of data; or $0.15 per GB. Unused data is now worth some passive income and of course it is effortless! Once you reach $20 in earned credits, you can withdraw the money through PayPal. If you want to directly calculate your passive income earnings, you can use our Income calculator (scroll to the bottom) to find out. 

The best part is what happens when you tell your friends -  we pay 25% of what your friends earn too! Essentially, you can earn a percentage of lifetime revenue for referring friends that earn with us.

But it gets even better; anyone they refer, you also get 10% of friends of friends lifetime earnings! Here is a quick breakdown of what you earn based on how many levels they are in the referral tree from you:

1st level is 25%.
2nd level is 10%.
3rd and 4th level is 5%
5th through 10th level is 1%

Having a strong network of users that installed Income based on your recommendation and you can earn considerable income! A free app where you can earn up to $66 monthly doing nothing is an amazing deal -  much better than HoneyGain that requires 24/7 background usage of the app to run, which only nets you 20$ a month, ⅓ of what Income makes you in additional income.

Another great benefit is that Income lets you run its app across multiple Windows devices, thereby increasing your earnings! For best bandwidth results, it is important to have one unique IP per Windows device in order to best utilize all your internet traffic. 

Is your personal information secured?

Absolutely - Income does not collect any personal information from you besides your email address, IP addresses, and payment data to send you money. This information is used to validate your account and clear the money you made in order to provide it to you. Income NEVER sells or shows your information to other companies for revenue. 

Comparing Income to other passive income methods

Other passive income services usually require more effort and allotted time to receive additional money; for instance, online methods like questionnaires or surveys provide you extra money, but it is incredibly minuscule in value, meaning it would take hundreds of completed ones just to net a couple of cents. Compared to Income, you can earn the same amount in an hour or less by doing nothing. Other methods of passive income like rent or stocks are highly volatile given the market changes making them a high risk investment, along with being an expensive undertaking that requires money put in first before you can potentially receive any kind of earnings.

Instead of all these difficult “passive” income solutions, Income is an actual passive income service that requires no risk or investment whatsoever. Once you download the app on your Windows device and grant it permission to use your internet bandwidth, it quietly functions in the background of your device, never affecting connectivity speeds or causing any lag spikes. Always make additional money doing nothing at all, and use it for whatever you desire: food, video games, subscription services, or even a haircut! 

How to Download Income

Downloading Income is easy as pie:

  • Click here, and then select the ‘download’ option (or type in https://www.spider.com/Income/download
  • Once the app is installed, you can access the Income dashboard to manage and view all the bandwidth being utilized from your internet connection, along with the other features provided like a unique referral code for your friends and family. 
  • As long as your internet connection stays on, watch yourself receive Income!

Income is the Best 

Income is the premier passive income service that is superior to all others since you legitimately earn extra money for yourself without having to do any work. It is truly a dream come true for many who wish to earn extra income and skip the labor part of it.

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