5 Ways to make Passive Income While Playing Videogames

Many people today enjoy playing video games recreationally or competitively, and do not even realize they can start making money from this hobby. Video games today have been a financially rewarding way to earn additional money since you can become a paid gamer.

Here are the top methods in which you can earn money from playing video games:



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Pro gamer

Becoming a competitive professional gamer nowadays is a very financially beneficial career for many who want to get paid for doing fun activities, but it can require a lot of requirements: high skills, teamwork, adaptation, reaction speeds, etc. Once these are met, one can start earning income from playing video games. Take for example, Scump, a professional call of duty esports player who is a veteran in the franchise and has made millions over the years. Most players receive payments from their team organization and sponsorships. If you want to become a pro gamer, focus on the games you are best at!

Streamers and internet personalities

Streamers and internet personalities make a living off of casually playing video games and interacting with their fans, which explains why many use Twitch as their main social media platform - a video game streaming service. These people earn most of their money by fans simply consuming their video content or live streams. YouTube is the biggest website for content creators and provides the highest pay for its users. Uploading videos to the platform is easy and accessible to all, offering an awesome route for video gamers to upload their gameplay to their channels and earn money as a result. Both Twitch and YouTube are lucrative and reliable ways for video gamers to make money! Remember: consistency, engagement, and quality content is key!

Quality assurance representative 

Game and visual design businesses hire players to test out their games that are in the production phase and need feedback in order to improve any errors. Players in return are compensated and get an early preview of new games! This is a way to make money off video games and develop any gaming skills. 

Produce blueprints and walkthroughs

Many gamers will seek out level/mission walkthroughs or guides in order to beat it if it becomes too difficult or one is confused on how to proceed. Most gamers will find these tutorials on YouTube for visual gameplay, but there are also websites that are equally informative. Therefore, one can do the same and create these video game blueprints for single-player or multiplayer genres - most of the revenue coming from ads or view counts. 

Majority of the time though gamers will receive the highest compensation from uploading video game blueprints to YouTube, whether that's showing only gameplay or a combination of it with face camera and narration. 

Can you make money playing video games? 💻🖥️

With enough effort, the aspiration can become a realization and these different methods are awesome choices to make money. Also, if you like to earn even more income with ease, the obvious choice is Income. 

With all these methods of earning money from playing video games, one’s hobby and efforts can pay off!

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