How to Receive Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

Fortnite is one the biggest free to play battle-arena online games in the world, with over 100+ million active users. Its popularity and quick success led it to becoming a cultural phenomena in the US and other countries. While providing unlimited fun, there are ways to experience even greater madness and joy - V-Bucks. This is Fortnite’s virtual in-game currency that is used to purchase character/weapon cosmetics. While purchasing V-bucks using real money is the easiest way to attain them, there are alternatives: finishing quests, engaging in Epic Games activities, and so on. The most efficient and practical way to earn V-bucks is to do a combination of both. 

Top ways to earn V-Bucks
  • Make free easy passive income with Earn to buy V-bucks

Income is the supreme passive income app that requires no work, therefore enabling you to rake in extra cash while playing Battle Royale! Best of all, your internet speeds aren’t disrupted, thereby allowing you to continue your immersive and fluid gaming experience. 

The online application works by having members like you simply share their unused internet connection and that's it! The app runs in the background of your device quietly and without interrupting any of your gameplay or internet speeds, becoming completely discreet. All the while this is happening, you're receiving free passive income from us while you sit back, relax, and play Fortnite! This extra money can then be spent on V-bucks. 

You can even earn extra additional passive income by referring the app to friends and family, as you receive a percentage of their lifetime earnings and a commission from the people they shared it with. Furthermore, you get a free $5 dollar bonus just by signing up! Once you make 20$, you can extract the earnings and place it into your Paypal account. This is the minimum payout amount, and most users generate this amount on a monthly average - the most you can make in a single month is $66 dollars, but it requires numerous devices to be connected and the feature ‘Daily Content Delivery’ to remain on. 

You can download the Income app on Windows. This is an incredible way to earn V-bucks and passive income by doing nothing !  

The setup is quick and easy too, letting you start earning right away. 

  • Signup and download the Income app
  • Allow the app to operate in the background of your electronic device(s) with a stable internet connection.
  • Continue to play and enjoy Fortnite as you receive passive income
  • Use the extra money to spend on V-bucks

* Don't worry, no personal data is required and Income has the strictest security and safety protocols, keeping you completely safe *

Join the Income Community 
  • Engage in the game type ‘Save the World’ to earn free V-bucks: 

Join in and partake in the game mode ‘Save the World’, an installment to the game in which players team up and work together to fight off hordes of zombies and protect their territories. While playing you receive V-bucks for completing missions, joining games, etc. While the mode is a premium undertaking since it is a paid version of the game (starts at $30), it can be quickly recovered with passive income! Don't worry though, the other game modes are completely free with only the Battle Pass costing money, but this subscription provides you with additional V-Bucks. 

  • Participate in the company-sponsored game activities: 

 The company that owns and manages Fortnite, Epic Games, holds several in-game events throughout the year for players to participate in. They always provide announcements for these cool affairs in the homescreen of the game (and social media accounts), therefore players can't miss it. The Epic Games events feature many quests that allow one to gain free V-bucks, and these quests can be found in the quest tab in-game.

Income for V-bucks

Given all this, it is a no-brainer to join the rest of the millions of users on the Income network. Join the rest who are utilizing the Income app to buy V-bucks! Your internet traffic is a one-way ticket to acquiring free V-bucks, game modes, and skins. Download the Income app below to begin earning passive income for your Fortnite endeavors - as a added bonus, you'll receive a free $5 dollar bonus just for singing up.

Have fun out there Fortnite gamers!

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