How to Make Income ™ Using Your Smartphone

For most people today, smartphones are an integral part of everyday life; from entertainment to communication, to organization and utilities. Given this, the average person spends anywhere from 3 - 7 hours a day on their smartphones! 

Much of this time spent on our phones does serve a specific purpose, and with the app store that offers millions of applications, many tasks and functions can be achieved or undertaken on smartphones. Further, a portion of these apps have the ability to pay users passive income right through their phone, all for doing things they already conduct on a daily basis. This includes reviewing games, doing surveys, and e-commerce. These earnings are not high enough to be the main source of income for a person, but they provide adequate earnings that can be used towards everyday expenses and savings. 

Here are a few methods to earn passive income with your smartphone - including our own Income™ app!


Sell objects with your smartphone

Selling your belongings with mobile apps is a useful way to earn extra money on the side while simultaneously clearing out some of the excess stuff in your household: clothing, old books/textbooks, knickknacks, utensils, electronic devices, etc. 

Innumerable apps offer this type of commercial activity, with most containing both shipping and physical delivery choices. 

To have an ecommerce business, these are great options to use: 

  • Facebook Marketplace: The social media platform has more than 1 billion users on its website worldwide, which is why their marketplace is a great place to sell since many customers will be on it. You can sell items both domestically and internationally, creating more opportunities for growth. Payment and purchase preferences are ultimately left up to the seller. 
  • eBay: this app is the mobile version of its long-standing e-commerce website which began in the 1990s. It is a basic formula: take pictures of the item being put on sale, product description, and then customer bidding occurs. 
  • Poshmark: This e-commerce app focuses on fashion - primarily designer and popular fast-fashion brands along with to a lesser extent vintage clothes. It has millions of users making it a viable site to sell your expensive clothes. One thing to note: the app retains 20% of the revenue. 

Make passive income with Income™

Income™ is a one of a kind passive income app that compensates  users with money with no effort involved! You receive money by simply providing your untouched internet bandwidth with us (don't worry, it won't affect your internet connection or data plan at all!). The Income network allows other enterprises to keep track and enhance some of their business operations, such as surveilling their search engine web rankings or comparing prices of airlines. What's best is this unused internet you share is completely safe as Income™ has strict security and client standards to prevent any data breaches. 

Once you share your internet, there is nothing else to be done and you begin earning passive income effortlessly - a dream come true! If you want to receive extra money, you can refer your friends and family and receive a percentage of their earnings! 

Start receiving free income today by signing up and downloading the app. 

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Sell your photos

If you're someone who enjoys taking pretty and unique photos in their life, you can now monetize your abilities as there are apps that pay you for your photos. It is an intuitive way to earn extra cash; some of the top apps in this space are Shutterstock and Agora. Your uploaded images are then utilized by other companies in their marketing or brand activities. Who knows, maybe you'll one day come across a company that has one of your photos in their portfolio or website pages! Be sure to add picture descriptions and other details to improve its legitimacy and exposure, as well as see which specific kinds of photos are in demand today in order to curate your uploads. 

What once was a fun hobby of yours can now be a paid hobby!

Take mobile surveys

Companies employ service providers to undertake mass survey efforts in order to collect consumer responses for their goods and services. There are so many surveys available that you can start making money (or earn gift cards) right away by providing your opinion on whichever products are being reviewed. Some great survey apps include: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie National Consumer Panel, InboxDollars. 

When creating your account, there will be preliminary information required, such as your age, location, and income level. While survey payments can’t be your main form of income, it can provide additional money to cover everyday living expenses or small goods bought impulsively (e.g. coffee). 

Remember to be careful 

While mobile apps provide great opportunities to make passive income, there are many fraudulent scams out there pretending to offer these money making apps. Make sure to avoid apps that: 

  • Don't financially compensate you 
  • Ask you to pay for something in order to access their content, or urge you to buy products on their app
  • Require a very long process to receive compensation
  • Make it mandatory to share the app with others to receive payout 

Always make sure to do a bit of research before downloading a mobile app: choose ones that have been verified and contain many customer reviews or app ratings. 


As we can see, smartphones are a great instrument to earn passive income from and give one multiple streams of income. Since the majority of smartphone users spend multiple hours a day on their phone, it is a no-brainer to make money from that time being used up. Income™ is the premier passive income app for smartphone users to make easy money doing no work - as an added benefit, you receive a free $5 bucks for simply signing up. 

If you desire to earn passive income with no effort and simple setup, then Income™ is perfect for you. Join the Income™ community today and begin making money!

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