About Income™

As part of the Spider.com team, Income™ has a dedicated mission of bringing transparency and revenue to individual users on the Internet. A lot of Residential Proxy providers rely on shady deals and spyware to develop a base of clients to gather data. At Income™ we only source ethical bandwidth from clients that choose to consent to earning money. This is why customer satisfaction is essential to us and that we use the name Income™ for our data gathering product.

Our story

A long time ago, in 2002 our co-founder Jay created a startup called DomainTools that needed to gather Billions of whois records to help lawyers and law enforcement patrol the wild west of domain owners. Registrars limited connections per IP address to 10 records a day. The idea of a proxy was born and we used that to gather records by the millions and then by the billions. Seeing the commercial need still exists over 10 years later we decided to build the network out to be robust; Spider innovated on the original design and decided to help Internet users earn income rather than big data centers with lots of IP addresses. Spider and Income™ are here to gather product pricing, travel data, and other public information so that we can enable lowest cost fares and smart insights. The largest database in the world is the internet but without a layer like Spider it is impossible to use.

User Experience Report

We only use a few MBs a day from each user, so we are hardly even noticed. Most users can consume several thousand times this much data. If you can stream Netflix then Income™ will not slow you down. In fact we measure bandwidth allocation and if we might slow a connection we will not use it out of respect for the user.

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Some quick numbers

20 000+
Users Surveyed
Monthly growth rate
Countries covered
single payout