Effortlessly earn passive Income™

All you need is a Windows desktop and an Internet connection. We do the rest! One of the things Spider does for instance is help travel companies manage the matrix of over 100,000,000 fares that change daily across hundreds of sites. Your desktop can help us gather fares. Expect to make $5-$60 a month!

Easy way to earn passive Income™

Once Income™ is installed you can sit back and collect income by doing nothing. As long as your computer is on and the Internet works we take care of all the hard stuff.

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Gain Income™ without compromising security

All connections to and from Income™ are secure. We believe in SSL and HTTPS for encrypting all communications.

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Know exactly what your Internet is used for

We don't use our collection information about you. We only your personal information to pay you and no other purpose. We take privacy seriously, this is the foundation of Spider & Income™. We allow corporations to gather data using our anonymous connections. Perfect for secret shopping and price comparison services that every smart company needs to use.

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3 steps to make passive income


Download the App

Install the app on your Windows computer desktop.


Run Income™

You can watch passively as we report income to you!


Tell Friends (and Your Friend's Friends)

We will reward you with 25% of their lifetime earnings! If your friends refer other friends, you still gain money and get 10%!

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Factors that influence how much you gain Income™

Your location

The location of your windows desktop matters and makes a difference. We don't pay for desktops in North Korea or Antarctica. Sorry Kim Jong-un!

Network ping/speed

Got a fast network connection? Our AI will detect that and use your connection more. Then you earn more!

The number of IP addresses

We try and use unique IP addresses. If your computer is the only one running Income™ at your house you are perfect. If you run Income™ 10 times at your house with 10 different computers, don't expect to earn more.

Here’s what people say about Income™

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I can afford to purchase coffee once a week using Income Thanks guys!
Sara H
New Mexico
I was concerned that this would effect my bandwidth however I don't even notice it. Great job Income.
Janice S
Sarasota, FL
Best part is when I tell friends. I make more money with referrals then I do with running the app. I think this is the best kept secret.
Donnie T
New York City, NY

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