How Does Christmas Affect the Economy ~ Passive Income to Afford More Gifts

The Christmas season is a period of extreme spending and consumption for many families and individuals, as the general populace view the holiday as one of the most important and generous times of the year. 

With all the commercial activities that occur, from gifts to flights, many businesses experience high demand for their products. With all this fanatic buying, the economy and people's own income are affected. 

Christmas impacting the economy 

Here are a few data points to provide an overview of the Christmas market in 2020:

  • $805 - $998 estimated spending for the 2020 holiday Christmas season: $650 were intended for gifts, $230 for non-gift holiday items,  $117 on non-gift items
  • Gift giving, unfortunately, often leads to growing debt, as shoppers reach for their credit cards instead of cash or a debit card. In 2020, a MagnifyMoney survey found the average shopper took on $1,381 in holiday-related credit card debt. 
  • 60% of people planned to conduct their holiday shopping online in 2020. 

When the mainstream media and policy advisors speak on holiday spending overall, it is a harmonious balance between positive growth of the economy and negative growth of consumer debt. 

Great aspects of Christmas shopping on the holiday 

Physical and e-commerce stores experience high growth and curate their stockpile of commodities to satisfy the demand. As a result, revenues soar through the roof for businesses. 

With all the new demand and operations needed to be conducted during Christmas, many companies will hire large labor reserves to meet the requirements needed for sufficient Christmas handling. Physical retail stores hire the most workers during this period, especially clothing and toy shops. 

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Many companies offer discounts and holiday sales for many of their commodities during this season, starting them before the Christmas period even begins in order to maximize their profits. As you're planning to buy gifts this Christmas, there are methods to make extra cash online to help with these purchases. There are numerous mobile apps that provide such a service as long as you have a stable connection, including Income's™ mobile app!

Negative aspects of Christmas shopping on the holiday 

Many consumers take on massive debt in order to cover the costs of the holiday, primarily through use of credit cards or personal loans. Also, many people end up buying unnecessary extra items or things they end up returning later on. One of the biggest culprits for this is the big social pressure people feel to buy gifts for others to show their appreciation or love. Unfortunately, those with low incomes or savings increase their debt during the holiday, affecting them in the long run. 

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Another issue is excessive spending by both individuals and the state: people buy an inordinate amount of commodities that no longer reflect the actual value and significance of the holiday, becoming a pure commercial event; similarly, states spend a lot of their revenue on big holiday celebrations instead of welfare programs or public infrastructure. 

Receive extra income online during this Christmas season

A thriving economy enables consumers to have additional money to use for expenditures during Christmas - a win win for everyone. 

It is critical that you incorporate an economical budget for the upcoming holiday season in order to balance your finances. Buying gifts is a wonderful activity and should not be disbanded, it should just be approached with more financial caution and extra money gained through passive income. You will as a result avoid building debt and have leftover savings once Christmas is over. 

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