Why Income is the Premier Passive Income Application

This past year and 2020 have been difficult for everyone, and we are still not sure what lays ahead. Because of this, many are turning their bedrooms or other spaces into their workstations, establishing it as a major work trend - however not everyone enjoys it. This is because many are experiencing extreme mental fatigue and subsequent high degree of anxiety. Further, millions in the US alone lost their jobs which act as their primary source of income to pay expenses. 

For these reasons alone it is imperative for people to be aware of the additional methods to earn extra money which helps guarantee financial secureness and puts one at greater ease of mind. Income wants you to earn extra income on the side which is why we are going to provide some effective ways to do so, as well as illustrate why Income is the best passive income app to earn additional free money.

Methods to earn passive income

Besides your primary revenue coming from your job, you can adopt secondary jobs that provide you extra cash and require little effort. These types of secondary income sources are known as passive income; for example, interest payments, dividends, capital gains, rent payments, etc. 

If you have not yet heard of Income, it is a revolutionary app that provides you with passive income with zero effort, enabling you to earn additional income without having to do any extra work so you can focus on your day. The process is easy: you share your internet connection with the Income app, and customers of the app utilize it for their business activities, e.g. travel flight fare comparisons or social media monitoring. 

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Some of the most effective methods to earn passive income effortlessly

  • Smartphone use: Many people don't realize how their own phone they use on a daily basis can generate free money. There are mobile apps available that can provide you side money in no time! Some apps provide marketplaces for people to sell any household goods they no longer need to a large consumer base of like-minded people. There are also apps that let you take an unlimited amount of surveys which brings you cash for each one completed.
  • Cryptocurrency markets: Crypto is everywhere these days, and it is almost impossible to discuss finance today without mentioning it. The Bitcoin markets alone facilitate billions worth of Bitcoin exchanges daily, with many other cryptocurrencies also being transacted. There is so much possibility to earn passive income in the industry, and it is accessible to anyone at any time like yourself. 
  • The Income app: If earning passive income is one of your desires, then using Income is the easiest way to achieve this goal. Income is the easiest way to earn extra income without having to spend time on it - you can go on with your normal routines as the app perpetually works on your behalf to increase your money gains (as long as the internet connection stays on). Income functions in the background of your Windows device, acquiring and sharing all the unused bandwidth belonging to your internet connection with the Income network, earning you passive income!

🤩Top perks of Income 🥰

  • Trouble-free: No time or extra labor has to be allocated to the Income app - except if you want to increase your passive income earnings by distributing your unique referral code and earning 25% of your friend's lifetime earnings!  But it gets even better, anyone they refer, you also get 10% of friends of friends lifetime earnings! 
  • Free cash 💸: Using the Income app allows you to earn free money by monetizing your unused internet bandwidth 
  • Easy payout: You can cashout on all money you made ($20 dollar minimum for withdrawal) by simply connecting your PayPal account and sending it to that account. 
  • Security: The only personal information Income collects from you is used in order to pay you and nothing else. No other information is gathered
  • Simpleness: Using Income is simple; no prior developer skills or anything of that sort needs to be learned. Also, your internet connection speed is never affected.
  • Extra free time: Income provides you additional free time to complete your daily tasks while the app makes money for you. 
  • Extra perks: Income lets you spend that additional money earned on products you otherwise wouldn't have bought or could afford, such as gaming credits or streaming services. 
  • Supporting many businesses: Your unused internet bandwidth supports a wide array of industries: ad-fraud detection, brand protection, price comparison on virtually every product in existence which saves you and other consumers money!     

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