Best Purchases Before Starting College

College is one of the most important periods in a person’s life as it creates transformative experiences and memories that can shape one’s entire future, character, personality, and endeavors. However, college is also where hours of endless study and difficult exams dwell, so early preparation for these difficult challenges is essential for a bright and successful college education. In addition, getting the best prices for various products and services is invaluable since many college students don’t have the financial resources to afford everything they need and are constrained by the amount of time college takes up.

With the pandemic changing how education is experienced, technology has an even greater role for college students in order to facilitate courses and classwork. Technology products can be expensive because of their quality or brand, but there are great methods to accommodate the price points. The 2 main methods to handle these costs are student discounts and passive income.

1st method - Best student discounts 

Student discounts for online tech products

Here are a few student discounts that can be utilized for cost saving. 

  • Apple Education Pricing: Contains discounts on their electronics and insurance for the devices. What is needed for entry is the academic email 
  • Microsoft Office: These software apps services have been employed by college students for years as the group of apps provides fundamental needs for every college student. Many universities have also integrated the client software officially into their school programs so that students can get free access. Not all universities have done this, so be sure to check if your specific one has - if not no worries, you can still get a free limited account access. What is needed for entry is the academic email.
  • Electronic stores: Corporations like Best Buy and Walmart offer good student deals on electronic devices, electronic accessories, and home-related goods for students. What is needed for entry is the academic email.
Student discounts for web services

Given the amount of technology available, students will spend a good portion of their days on the internet for the majority of their schoolwork and downtime, considering it's easy accessibility and convenience.  Here are some great student discounts:

  • Music subscriptions: Spotify and Apple Music are the premier music streaming services on the market today. The normal price for each one is $10, but with student discounts it is only $5. 
  • Amazon Prime:  The service offers students a worthy discount of 50% from $13 down to $6.50. The service includes the regular features of Prime Delivery, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music, a 2-month free trial of their Kindle product, etc. 
  • Skillshare: The online educational platform offers a 50% student discount if you sign up for the premium tier. 
  • Hulu: Offers a student discount of only $2 a month from its usual $6 a month for its video streaming. 
Student discounts for fashion

Going into college, students either have developed their fashion style or are still trying to solve their fashion sense - either way, major clothing companies offer nice college student discounts. 

Student discounts for cosmetics

Cosmetics are a supplement to one’s outer appearance and self-esteem, which can be helpful for college kids who are surrounded by so many other people and want to leave a good impression. Here are some cool discounts for beauty and health products. 

  • MAC: Offers a 10% student discount in-person and online.
  • Fragrance Direct: This online store offers a 10% discount for its perfumes and fragrances. 
  • Rituals: The company offers a 20% discount across their health and beauty goods in-person and online.
  • FeelUnique: The cosmetic store offers a 15% discount. 
Student discounts for socializing

This domain varies since not all people who go out will visit major stores, restaurants or bars; rather visiting local ones in their area. However, for general coverage, here are some good spots that offer them:

Student discounts for travel

Students can find many lucrative discounts on travel experiences during their winter and summer vacations (or before they enter college) as the industry recognizes that a much needed getaway and relaxing environment is desired by the majority of students when classes end for the semester. Here are some top ones: 

2nd method - Passive income 

Passive income is the second method to afford important goods and services for all college students. It is a more inclusive and viable alternative to earn extra money, particularly for full-time students whereby a full-time job is practically impossible, especially if they want to maintain good grades. Given most college students do not have the privilege of having wealthy families or abundant savings, passive income becomes a great way to earn additional income easily while concentrating on their studies!  

Students can make an additional $5 - $60 dollars a month in passive income through the Income app, a simple and trouble-free method of gaining extra money. Students can start earning in 5 minutes or less and use the income towards all the aforementioned products or services, making the planning, costs, and experiences of college easier to manage.

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