2021 Holiday Season Gifts Under $60 Guide by Income

The Holiday season is fast approaching with many significant events to look forward to. While 2020 made it difficult to celebrate, this year will be a lot easier for people to be with their loved ones during the holidays. It is always good to get a head-start on presents to get for others so you can get the gifts you want. Income's team would like to offer great gift ideas for this holiday season for you, your family, and friends. 

It can be difficult choosing the right gift along with matching your price point. But Income has the solution by providing the right gift ideas and ways to even get them for free through our Income app. 

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Gift Ideas for the 2021 holidays 

Not all presents require a lot of money to be spent, as the best or most suitable ones for your family member or friend can be low-cost. Most of the gifts you may get are also all available to be purchased online, saving time and inconvenience when physically traveling to stores. The top e-commerce stores for holiday shopping are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, BestBuy, among others. 

If you are an Income member, then the wonderful benefit is that you can use all the earned credits towards the holiday gifts. Since the majority of users will receive at most $66 a month from Income - here are the top gift ideas for $66 or less!

  • Cute doormats - usually around $20 - $40

Doormats are a great way to show off the creativity and fun personality a person or family has by decorating the floor of their doorway entrance with adorable doormats. Some options include:

Cactus Non-Slip Outdoor DoorMat | Abagail Blue Birds Outdoor DoorMat | Hi Bye DoorMat 

  • Household storage bin - $23

These bins have increasingly become more useful and popular since many have shifted to working from home, leaving more time to allocate and organize space in the household. 

| Household Essentials 3 Section Hard-Sided Drawer Organizer Silver |

  • Kitchen towels - $5

These are an all-inclusive handy tool to always have around in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning, drying, etcetera, making them very useful and accessible. 

| Simply Essential™ Bar Mop Dish Cloths in Grey (Set of 6) |

  • Electric razor  - $50

Electric razors are great to shave hair on any part of your body, from face to chest. High quality electric razors offer close clean shaves for that smooth soft finish, or they offer shaving guards to maintain certain lengths. 

| Philips Norelco OneBlade

  • Bluetooth headphones - $60

Bluetooth headphones are a great method to listen to music on-the-go with ease, not worrying about knotting or ripping the wire for non-wireless headphones. They are easy to connect and most available on the market offer multiple hours of battery life. 

| Jabra - Elite Active 65t True Wireless Earbud Headphones

  • Steam video games - $ varies

Getting loved ones video games are a great present since they can technically last forever and are highly accessible. Steam also has their own holiday mega sales, including AAA games.

| Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | HUMANKIND | DOOM ETERNAL DELUXE EDITION |

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  • Gift cards -  $ varies

If you are still undecided on which presents to get for others, then gift cards are a great solution in contrast to buying a gift that your recipient won't enjoy or use. 

| Xbox Gift Card – Digital Code | 5,000 Amazon Coins |  Steam Digital Gift Cards |

With all these suggestions in mind, we hope you can find the perfect gift for your friends and family, either from the list provided or being inspired to choose another gift. To our Income family, we wish you a wonderful 2021 holidays!

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