10 Super Cool and Intimate Date Ideas That are Affordable

Going on dates is a great way to socialize and get to know new people, especially ones you have a romantic interest in - and for those already in a relationship, date nights are an awesome route to respark the connection and have fun together. Sadly, dates can be expensive and many of the popular ones most people are bored of.  

Fear not however, as the Income team has formed the absolute best set of data ideas to go on that are exciting and budget-friendly. Oh ya, and these dates will cost equal to or less then a single Income payoff ($20) or the highest monthly payment ($66)  which will help form many great experiences!

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Explore your city again

Many times, people miss awesome areas and concealed treasures in their own cities they live in or by. While traveling is joyful and can create memories, people can miss all the great attractions in their own city even while living there for years. From historical sites to cultural institutions, and even popular social media photography locations, your city has many areas to explore - regardless of travel method - for little costs and enormous enjoyment value. If both partners are familiarized in the city or even spent their childhoods there, you both can show each other significant spots you once spent time at or current ones you conduct your hobbies/activities in. 

Board games

Playing childhood board games is a great method to spend time and have fun together; whether it's buying board games from the store to play at home or in a public space, as well as going to a board game shop that hosts the activity inside for people to play. Choosing which game to play can reveal part of the other’s personality, and competing or going against them in the board game can determine the kind of skills and traits they possess - all the while great conversations are being made. 

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Share your wonderful hobbies

Either you or your companion can share with each other a specific hobby they enjoy that requires some level of faculty (listening to music is a great hobby, but anyone can do that), and which can easily be taught to the other. If you know how to play a particular sport or instrument you can share the simple lessons with them, and since you have all the knowledge and materials needed there is no extra cost. What began as a hobby to share on a date can become the partner’s own hobby or even sole interest as well! It is okay too if the hobby is not something you or the partner enjoys, because at least the both of you shared a joyful experience and got to learn something new from each other - cementing the wonderful date.

All-things books… or music or movies

Going on a book date is a unique and interesting option since most don’t think of books as an avenue to have such an experience, or that it could be appropriate/worthwhile for a date. However, the opposite is true! Shopping and/or reading books together is the perfect route to learning more about the partner beyond standard easy-going conversations. Conditional on the books chosen by you or them, great conversations can arise that tackle many subjects; from art to religion, or even politics. What started as an innovative date idea can turn into a daily custom for one or the both of you. Many books are also cheap, particularly older ones and paperback editions that are available in bookstores and libraries, thereby saving money!

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This can also apply however to music or movies: showing one another music genres and albums you enjoy, or movie genres and directors one has an affinity for. What's most important on these dates are the quality time and conversations spent together - the substance of the date themselves just provides the backdrop. 

Thrift shopping

Going to your local thrift store for clothing is a cool idea most wouldn't think of, and you can learn their fashion sense and creativity process along the way. Even more, the clothes are super cheap! If you need a shopping strategy, here are two: find valuable items like brand names or vintage clothing; or, who can find a complete outfit that matches their style first, racing across the store in a fun competition. 

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Go for a hike… or a walk

Depending on the city or town you live in, going on a hike is great exercise and gives you ample time to conversate while enduring those challenging trails. You can go hiking in the nearest forest, national park, mountains, or riversides. If this sounds too difficult or extreme for a first date that's okay, you can always just go for a walk at a regular city park or pond area while observing the beautiful nature. Best of all, both ideas are literally free to do, with any money being spent would go towards refueling your body.

Tip: wear your most comfortable shoes and select a day that ideally has great sunny weather. 

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Binge-watch a tv series or movie trilogy  

With so many video streaming services available today, from Netflix to Hulu, there are endless possibilities when it comes to an entertaining show or movie watch - all conveniently located at your fingertips or tv, depending on how you wish to have the viewing experience. While it may seem dull or unoriginal since most people already do that alone, it can be a great way to share an entertaining activity and learn what genres they like. What's more is that one of you most likely already has a subscription to the streaming service, so the date is completely free - unless that is, you want popcorn and drinks to go along with it, spending only a couple of bucks. If you're not sure what to watch to choose, you can pick a show or movie at random with your eyes closed which makes it exhilarating. 


The connection between two people is not formed by money or expensive activities, therefore, dates can be cheap while remaining fun, one-of-a kind, and romantic. The experience and lasting memory can spur on further dates and build that intimate bond between two people. 

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Every idea suggested in this blog post is either virtually free or inexpensive enough where the minimum Income disbursement of $20 is enough for the whole date. If you never tried Income before, right now is the perfect time to start. Signup and download the app below, while also being given a $5 bonus gift and begin earning passive income so that you'll always have money available to cover those coffee expenses with your partner!

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