About Spider™

At Spider.com we are a strong API first company. APIs rule the world and allow developers to make products easily. The amount of effort to make an API can be huge and it allows customers to not think about the complexity of what is under the hood, they get to drive fast (code fast) and keep focused on the bigger problems that can be solved.

We have several products such as Residential Proxy, SERP API, Fetch API, Income™ has a dedicated mission of bringing transparency and revenue to individual users on the Internet. A lot of Residential Proxy providers rely on shady deals and spyware to develop a base of clients to gather data. At Spider™ we only source ethical bandwidth from clients that choose to consent. This is why customer satisfaction is essential to us and why we use our company name in all disclosures.

Universal fetching of any URL is a product we call Fetch API it allows customers to grab Amazon product information pages, travel pricing, real estate data, and other structured data found on big sites. As a Residential Proxy we don’t get blocked when crawling the web because of Spider's home grown “Spider” client that connects us with millions of devices.

Our story

A long time ago, in 2002 our co-founder Jay created a startup called DomainTools that needed to gather Billions of whois records to help lawyers and law enforcement patrol the wild west of domain owners. Registrars like GoDaddy limited connections per IP address to 10 records a day. The idea of a proxy was born and we used that to gather records by the millions and then by the billions. Seeing the commercial need still existed several years after exit DomainTools we decided to build a newer network that was even more robust and that could be used to scale for more than fetching more than one type of data.

Spider's innovation on the original design and also deciding to help make it easy for other developers led to the outcome you can see today. Spider now gathers product pricing, travel data, and other public information and that ultimately means lower cost air fare and smart insights for the general consumer. In the end, the largest database in the world is the internet but without a layer like Spider it is impossible to query it.

Customers first

We listen to our customers and build products based on the feedback they give us. We focus on APIs that utilize the knowledge of the Internet. If data is available to the public and we can get it, you will find it in our APIs. Let us know what you would like. If we don't have it we will build it.

Some quick numbers

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