Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Do you offer any sort of smart rotation automatically? EG if we throw a request for an Amazon URL into a larger set of URLs we're requesting are you able to reroute that to a different proxy set?

Yes. We route requests to new IPs every five minutes and you can force that logic sooner.

If needed, can I set an IP as sticky, to reuse the same IP for a series of requests?

Correct, just setting a session variable will make it sticky. You will be able to use that IP until it signs off. We don't control when users sign off.

Is it possible to get “sticky” IPs which we can programmatically change?

A session can be achieved and will persist up to 8 hours. However, our clients average around 20 minutes online.

How many unique /24 networks are available to us?

Approximately 80,000 in the last 24 hours. However, we have well over +5,000,000 IPs.

Can we do port 443 (RDAP) and 43 (Whois) traffic? Or perhaps, what are the restrictions on ports?

It would be easy to offer these protocols. We would write a custom wrapper with an API. We have custom wrappers for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Naver, Yandex & Amazon that clients access using our API. For example with a Google search, we accept search terms and location, if a request fails, we retry using a different node. We do best with a callback function and can increase success rate to 99.9% of queries when given tasks rather than straight proxy.


How can I set up a free trial account for the Spider residential IP network?

Click here to set up a 7-day free trial.

How much does Spider cost?

Depends on the plan. Click here to learn more.

How do I sign up for a custom plan?

Our custom plans are tailored to the needs of the industry leaders that we work with. Please contact our team for more info.


How do I reset my password?

Please contact us to reset your password. Be sure to use the same email you signed up with to contact us in order for us to verify your email.

Are your proxies authenticated by username and password?

Yes, our proxies are authenticated by username and password.

Do you offer unlimited bandwidth for your residential IPs?

No, the pricing of our residential IPs are per GB - you only spend as much as you use.

Can I can cancel at anytime?

Depends on what plan you are on. If you have purchased one of the plans listed on the website - yes, there is an option in the dashboard that allows you to cancel your subscription. If you are on one of our contract-based custom plans, please reach out to your account manager with time in advance to cancelling your account.

What type of integration support do you offer?

We have a dedicated support team that can help set up your account or transition between providers as seamless as possible. Please reach out to your account manager - we usually set up a dedicated Slack channel between our teams for real-time communication.


Do you have a minimum contract term?

We do monthly billing, there is no contract term length beyond monthly unless you want to setup discounts beyond our current pricing. We would expect a minimum of amount of TB.

Is a contract required?

For our sign-up pricing that is listed on our website - no, you can start and cancel at any time.

For our custom solution - yes, we do require a contract based on your team's requirements.


We have some difficulties passing authentication information of proxy like username, password .. etc to our program. Do you have an option to provide us proxy without authentication information?

We don’t provide a way to authenticate with our proxy without credentials at the moment. For puppeteer and authentication issues, there are 2 proxy authentication formats,

  1. User, Password, Proxy
  2. Connection String

You can solve the issue by using option 2 and configuration connection string in the format provided in our api docs.

Connection strings solves selenium and puppeteer issues.

I'd like to report an issue that I can't find in the FAQ

Our team would be ready to help. Please send as much information to your account manager as you can that will help define the issue you are having. Any information, including but not limited to: error messages, code snippets, logs, sample URLs, programming language and platforms you work with.