Proxies for Ad Verification

Use Spider® Residential IPs to verify ad delivery in foreign countries. Reduce failure rate, blocks, and cloaking

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Nobody Is Safe From Ad Fraud

Not even Google. Many advertising firms risk hundreds of thousands of dollars due to not verifying their foreign advertising. Unfortunately, there are several fraud publishers take advantage of this by not following your ad requirements, spoof domains, and automate clicks. They reap profits while your ads go unseen.

Protect Your Ads

Advertisers and ad networks can double check the integrity of landing pages and look for malicious bad actors that cloak and alter their landing pages to appear clean. They look clean for known VPNs or the locations they suspect might be double checking their work. With Spider® residential IPs, you can double check their work from areas they would never suspect.

  • Increase Lost Revenue
  • Verify Your Ads Reliably and Cost Effectively
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