How does Income™ work?

Income is a revolutionary app that provides you with passive income with zero effort, enabling you to earn additional income without having to do any extra work so you can focus on your day. The process is easy: you share your internet connection with the Income app, and customers of the app utilize it for their business activities, e.g. travel flight fare comparisons or social media monitoring. Income functions in the background of your Windows laptop/desktop device, acquiring and sharing all the unused bandwidth belonging to your internet connection with the Income network, earning you passive income! Moreover, it provides its set of residential proxy services to clients such as market intelligence, travel fare comparison, social media monitoring, ad-fraud detection, etc. Income uses your internet connection as the gateway to execute these different services for its clients. At any point of time, you use only a small percentage of your entire internet bandwidth, to which Income utilizes the rest of the unused bandwidth as residential proxies. We only use a few MBs a day from each user, so we are hardly even noticed. Most users can consume several thousand times this much data. If you can stream Netflix then Income will not slow you down. In fact, we measure bandwidth allocation and if we might slow a connection we will not use it out of respect for the user.

In simple terms, Income allows a user like you to rent out your unused internet bandwidth to other companies in order for them to properly conduct their business activities that rely on internet data. Further, Income's residential proxy network is decentralized at its core, supplying companies a unique ability to execute their activities at first encounter!

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