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Using bots today on social media is a key component for many important activities. One major way for companies to increase their online presence and revenue is to use these bots, especially on Instagram since the site has over a billion consumers. Using a high quality Instagram bot can reinforce a company’s publicity and interest into (when used in conjunction with high quality Instagram residential proxies). 

Why use Instagram bots?

They are utilized for systematizing or automating certain practices on an Instagram account.  What becomes facilitated by the bot depends on the individual preferences of the Instagram user; for instance, liking/commenting on posts or scheduling when to publish a post. 

The Top Instagram Bots:

  • Jarvee: The Jarvee Instagram Bot is a high quality product as it contains many practical benefits: simple to understand steps to begin utilizing the bot, and easy application. This makes the process of automation smooth for an account to comment or like a post, and Jarvee gives you the option to decide how these actions are to occur, e.g. liking many posts in a short period of time or following 100 accounts daily. Another great feature of Jarvee is it’s data analysis capabilities; for instance, it can find any posts based on the user’s parameters, whether that be the hashtags used or location of the photo taken. These can be used by companies to find and attract their target audience. In terms of the cons, there are only a few albeit impactful ones. Jarvee can only be used on Windows operating systems, so if a company uses Apple software or traditional Linux, the only method around the obstacle is by using a virtual private server or virtual machines. For their pricing: $30 a month for 10 accounts max, $50 for 30 max, and $70 for 70 max. There is also a free 24 hour trial for unsure potential clients. 
  • Gramista: Gramista is another excellent bot service as they prioritize both value and quantity. The focus for it’s customers is mutual engagement on Instagram, whereby both ends - the bot user and everyone it interacts with - engage with one another which increases the chances of acquiring new customers. On the Gramista dashboard is the great element ‘target audience’ which assists the user in finding new consumers and which accounts to personally message. Any web browser is compatible with Gramista - Safari, Brave, Google, Oracle - and they offer 12 hour free trials. Another bonus is their short-term membership offers, including 1-day or 1-week plans.
  • Ingramer: What Ingramer lacks in the number of attributes provided, it adequately makes up for in it’s execution of the fundamentals: automation, analytics, following parameters set by the user, etc. Ingramer is also highly effective at avoiding anti-bot detection softwares setup by Instagram, mainly done by mimicking human behaviors online, including break and sleep cycles. Further, their pricing plan is done according to the attributes selected, e.g. a bot that performs mass liking and commenting routines, to which the user only pays for this specific attribute.
  • FollowLiker: this bot service requires the user to download their software in order to use, and the user must keep their electronic device running in the background when not in use so that the bot can function properly. To compensate, the bot can be used across all operating systems rendering it fully inclusive. Besides offering the standard features, there are unique ones: one attribute is the option to diversify the routine procedures to better reflect natural human behaviors; another attribute is extracting data from specific Instagram accounts, and this process can adhere to certain parameters set by the user. For pricing: a one time $58 payment for 1 account and then $5 monthly from there on which never changes even if more accounts are added. 5 accounts is $78, and $98 for infinite amounts.
  • Monstersocial: this bot product must be downloaded as it is offered as a SAAS and it is exclusive to Windows operating system-- again, this can be overcome with a virtual private server or virtual machine. This bot also offers the basic services of any Instagram bot, but also has unique ones as well. For instance, there is the feature of account testing which determines if a targeted Instagram account is still active or no longer in use, and this action can be automated to target mass quantities of IG accounts to check if banned or inactive. One other option with this bot is being able to configure the proxy settings for each account, enabling residential proxies to be configured to all bots so they appear as real home users.  
Which is the best Instagram bot? 

It all depends on the individual preferences of the business or individual. For new users of Instagram bots that want to see the effectiveness of its basic features, Ingramer and Gramista are  great choices given their cheap flexible prices and unique abilities offered to its clients-- allowing for hassle-free experimentation. For the entire regulation of Instagram accounts with little contribution by the bot owner, Monstersocial and Jarvee are great selections. Followliker is the most elastic choice since it can be used on any operating system. If you are limited to a certain OS like Windows and have enough financial resources to purchase a virtual private server, then Jarvee is the best choice. Most IG bots offer free trials, so take advantage of the benefit and make sure to only use a bot where you will always apply the features needed, as opposed to getting one that has the most available or unique features. Finally, It is vital to properly employ the bot so that it can be 100% successful in its tasks.

Good luck with Instagram botting!

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