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Top 10 Best Residential Proxy Providers 2021

Here's an updated list of the best providers in the residential proxy industry

Residential proxies are more in demand than ever. Whether it’s for market research to compare prices, SEO monitoring, or getting in on the latest limited-edition drop – residential proxies have many use cases. Datacenter IPs could be used for these applications; however, they are not ideal. Most companies and websites are easily able to detect datacenter IPs and will restrict your access. High quality residential proxies are more likely to overcome these issues. We took a look at all the providers in the space to find out which would be the best for you – here’s our top ten list for the best residential proxy providers for 2021.

Bright Data (formerly known as Luminati)

One of the biggest and oldest players in the residential proxy business. They have over 70 million IPs around their world – they have one of the largest real-peer IP networks in the world. They have worldwide coverage with country, city and ASN targeting. For a premium service, their offerings do come at a premium price. Bright Data also offers a 7 day free trial for those who aren’t sure about paying up front for their services. Their customer service is impressive as their grid. Their service health is monitored in real-time and their global support team is 24/7 and are ready to assist. This is a link to their website:


Another big player in the industry is Oxylabs. Among the top companies in Residential IPs, Oxylabs offers some of the fastest residential IPs out there. They have over 100 million IPs that are ethically sourced that come from all around the globe. Their prices can vary, but they are generally similar to Bright Data’s. One standout feature of Oxylabs is that they offer unlimited concurrent sessions for users planning on scaling their projects. Other providers usually charge for more concurrency. Their UI is incredibly intuitive; their self-service dashboard is easy for users to pick up and use. Here’s a link to their website:

Although more recent in the residential proxy business, we benefit from using the latest technologies to build our grid. This allows us to create the fastest and most reliable proxies at lower prices compared to the competition. Our grid has over 70 million IPs in a given moment from many countries around the world. We specialize in United States proxies. Some proxy providers resell Luminati or Oxylabs proxies and call them their own – our grid is exclusively developed by us. We have helped thousands of enterprises for their large-scale data extraction needs. In terms of pricing – we can be flexible. Reach out to our support page and let us know how much bandwidth you expect to use. Here’s a link to our sign-up page:


Another relatively new player in residential IPs. This one is favored considerably by sneaker bot users and anyone looking to catch the latest fashion (Supreme, Off-White, Palace, Polo Ralph Lauren) and tech (Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, Xbox One X, PS5).  They have over 40 million IPs from 195 locations. Smaller in IP pool, but they come at a lower cost compared to Oxylabs, Bright Data and Spider.They don’t price per proxy and they also offer dedicated reseller plans for bot users. They are a bit slow compared to some of the competition out there, but they are reliable. This is the link to their website:


A unique company that offers residential IPs. Their grid is one of the most stable compared to others that sell proxies for similar prices. They allow users to earn money by becoming “Packeters” and sharing their bandwidth to help power their grid. It’s a safe process and they use industry established encryption to maintain the security of their users. Being the first of its kind in the residential IP industry, many of their users both purchase and share their bandwidth. Their IP pool ranges in the 7 million range. You can find more details in becoming a “Packeter” and details on their proxy pool here:

Scraper API

Scraper API is, as it stands in the title, a web scraping API. This might not be the residential IP solution for everybody, but their business is dedicated for developers building web scrapers. Their service handles browsers, proxies and CAPTCHAs. Through a simple API call, dev’s can easily retrieve the raw HTML. They use a mix of datacenter and residential proxies to power their service. Check out their website here:


Proxyrack is popular for their low cost and decent reliability. They are one of the cheapest proxy providers on the market right now. They have HTTP, SOCKS and HTTPS protocols. With over 650,000 IP addresses from 40 different countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia - they have a larger pool than similar offerings in their price range. They offer an unmetered residential proxy and a 3 day trial. Check out Proxyrack’s website here:

Storm Proxies

If you are looking for the cheapest option for residential proxies, Storm Proxies has you covered. However for the price you pay for, don’t expect the same level of quality as Bright Data, Oxylabs or Spider. Their pool is smaller, around 200,000+ IPS. Their pools are United States and Europe based. One feature that we don’t often see is a 24-hour money-back guarantee they provide, ensuring the customer the best service for their money. If you are in the market for cheap residential IPs for your project, their proxies are among the most affordable. This is a link to their homepage:

Finally, we have Soax. They are one of the newest proxy providers on the market. Being one of the newest - they have one of the cleanest pools. Their pool, however, is a bit smaller with around 5 million residential IP addresses. These IP addresses are sourced from around the world. Despite being smaller, they allow for city-level and ISP targeting. For those looking for an alternative to residential IPs, they also offer mobile proxies at much higher premium. They have over 3.5 million mobile IPs in their rotation. Here’s their link:


For most enterprises that are doing large scale data harvesting and collection – residential IPs are the best solution for them. If you are looking to maintain internet privacy and surf the internet safely, residential IPs are better to use than datacenter IPs. Most websites, top Alexa 500 ones like Google, Amazon, eBay, etc. have made it harder to use datacenter IPs because unlike residential, datacenter IPs do not come from real locations.

If you want to get past sneaker websites and past bans for market research and web scraping residential IPs are crucial.

We’ve developed our grid to provide the best performing proxies at unbeatable price with no compromises. By actively comparing ourselves to some of the best proxy companies in the industry, we are able to keep up with the demand of our users and excel their expectations. This list represents some of the proxy companies that we have used and respect. You can choose the right one depending on your needs.

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