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Today, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Everyday more users join the app but it makes it simultaneously harder for prospective daters to get noticed. Some of the biggest concerns for users is that people can't gain any new connections after a month, Super-likes are no longer visible, etc. Because of this, users rely on creating multiple accounts, bots, and other strategies. But all of these strategies need proxies to function the best. 

Unlocking Tinder with Proxies 

To fully access and use Tinder to the best of its potential, it is imperative to use proxies to change an individual’s IP address, and you can change the IP address to one that is still in the same area where you live. Remember that residential proxies ensure that Tinder believes each account, whether logged in from your smartphone or computer, is a legitimate home user. A person can also connect to Tinder even if it is banned in their geographic region, which can be done by using a residential proxy from a different country where Tinder is allowed and which a person’s ISP or administration authorities don't see occurring. Most people would think the best choice for these practices would be a VPN, but they are not as effective in this case as compared to proxies, as they have a small pool of IP addresses, and Tinder will immediately prevent access from those locations since multiple accounts are attached to it. 

Creating multiple Tinder Accounts 

Every time time Tinder updates itself, it makes it increasingly difficult for new users to acquire connections. This causes users to remain on the app for longer time periods causing mental strain, and they face restrictions on the number of profiles they can view daily. With multiple new accounts, these issues can be accounted for since new users always receive more benefits, especially in the first month of use. This explains why so many people on Tinder constantly create new accounts, but there is a maximum limit for every IP address, so users face an impasse soon enough. With Residential proxies, this impasse is overcome since new IP addresses are employed by the user, allowing them to operate many accounts without a ceiling. 

New areas for dating on Tinder

Since one of the main points of Tinder is to find and meet new people from different areas, a user can employ residential proxies to find potential dating partners from non-local regions, such as another country or state. For example, if you are from NYC but want to see Tinder profiles  from Paris, France, you can do so with residential proxies.

Remain protected on Tinder

Since a Tinder user's original IP address is changed, their physical location is kept protected and hidden from Tinder or authorities. 

Residential Proxies perfect for Tinder

This form of proxy is perfect for Tinder because the application needs real users accessing its service, which is how it grows and gains popularity. The app under no circumstances wants bots on its platform since these are not real people. This is the whole point of residential proxies; they make a person’s IP address originate from a real unique electronic device. Additionally, these IP addresses are dissimilar in order to avoid any security algorithms that could analyze patterns and block the accounts as a result. In contrast, Tinder bots and general scammers utilize datacenter proxies which are weak and infective, and you don't want your accounts to be associated with them. Avoid these dangers by using Spider residential proxies today!

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