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Oxylabs is one of the biggest Residential IP providers in the industry. Their mission? “To share all the know-how that we collected over the years in the industry in order to create the future where big data is accessible to all businesses” and “to create a healthy environment for everyone to grow and thrive in.” Their values are based on transparency and ethical operations.

Oxylabs offers Datacenter, Residential, Next-Gen Residential, Static Residential and SOCKS5 Proxies. They also offer an add-on Proxy Rotator for their Datacenter Proxies. 

Oxylabs boasts over 100 million IPs with zero captchas, city level targeting and zero IP blocking.

Oxylabs has several ongoing partnerships with web scraping companies. They also host a formidable knowledge hub including a quarterly Data Collection Industry Report to their partners. Most recently they have provided access to the reports publicly for those who wish to gain more knowledge on web scraping. You do need a provide an email address and they will send their quarterly reports for download. 

With their extensive knowledge base, they also hosted OxyCon in 2019. It was a two-day data gathering conference in Lithuania. They had a sizable amount of attendees - 56 from 28 companies around the world. OxyCon embodies their knowledge sharing principles. 

Here at Spider, we offer similar results with more affordable pricing. 

We believe in transparency and 100% ethically sourced residential IPs. We host an active blog, providing knowledge to all skill levels, beginner or advanced. Our current Residential IP offerings are akin to Oxylab’s Next-Gen Residential Proxies. Our basic Residential IPs let our users browse the web without any restrictions. No longer are our users blocked by CAPTCHAS and IP bans. Integration of our Residential IPs is seamless too. Our proxies can be integrated through a backconnect proxy.

Our Spider® Real-Time Crawler saves teams a considerable amount of money. We have successfully delivered billions of pages a month and continue to extract web data from search engines.

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