Instagram Bot Proxies

 Instagram Bot Proxies and how to obtain them

Bots serve many useful functions - from creating multiple accounts to automating posts - that benefits a person’s or business’s social media popularity. But Instagram does not like it when a single user has more than 3-4 accounts, which justifies why proxies are needed for an Instagram bot to prevent the ban hammer. Instagram proxies are essential for the social media platform when it comes to botting, and it is important high quality ones are employed.

Proxies for Instagram bots

Their are a select few proxies that are adequately suited for Instagram use, as just changing a user’s IP address is not enough in this case. The top proxies for IG bots are residential proxies since they use real home’s IP addresses provided by an ISP, which Instagram constantly  supervises to extract ISP data. Without it, Instagram blocks the bot that does not contain the ISP information. Another important factor is geographical location, since the proxy used for the bot must have the configured location to be identical to the location of the IG account for precise targeting. A high quality proxy grid will allow the user to choose their location - from country to city - to ensure that an individual's various IG bots can continue to target many regions globally and manage multiple accounts uninterrupted. Spider residential proxies enable users to choose any country they want, and a multitude of city locations. 

2 Main purposes of proxies for IG bots
  • The first main purpose is localized targeting: using specific locations to garner greater presence and attention for one’s targeted audience. If a user is aiming at IG accounts in another country or city, their proxies should be sourced from that same area: this can be done by creating a back-connect proxy endpoint to that specific region, with the IG bot doing the rest of the work. A country may also prevent access to Instagram, which would then necessitate the need for residential proxies from other countries to enable the Instagram Bot’s use. Many people rely on these sorts of proxies on a daily basis to secure the bots continued use on the social media site. 
  • The second main purpose is multiple Instagram accounts: bots allow users to have access to multiple Instagram accounts which can be easily handled by the bot themselves. Instagram is strict and unforgiving when it comes to multiple account usage. Quality Instagram bots guarantee the user or company countless accounts, yield high user engagement, and incite interest for many potential clients. But just like the quality IG bot, a user also needs admission to a pool of premier residential proxies to prevent bans from Instagram. 
How to get top quality residential proxies for IG bots    

Acquiring residential proxies for IG bots is a super simple task; just create an account on Spider and select a plan that matches your preferences. From there, access to our entire proxy grid will become available, with the amount of available IP’s depending on the plan you choose. Once complete, the next step is to simply copy/paste the proxy certifications from the Spider user dashboard into the selected bot(s). Here at Spider, we have optimized the whole procedure by making it a simple task to target a location, choose a preferred session time duration, and export endpoints that will create the needed proxy settings. 

For well-seasoned users of proxies, you can access our proxy API that permits you to: oversee endpoints, whitelist IP’s, supervise proxy bandwidth, etcetera, without the need to login to your Spider account on our website.  Good luck!

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