How to Buy an Xbox Series X

The Xbox One Series X is Microsoft’s biggest console launch to date, and it is not hard to see how after 7 years along with a pandemic, consumer demand was monumental for the next lineup in the series. There are two editions to select from: Xbox One Series X, and the smaller sister version, Xbox Series S. Both have experienced immense demand which explains why there are indefinitely out of stock, with any restocks becoming completely sold out in minutes and the website retailers face bandwidth overloading due to the amount of users attempting to purchase the consoles. 

The source of these immediate sellouts of the consoles stems from bots, which are implemented by scalpers/resellers for short-term profits , since they sell them at double the price online. Some have even been able to buy hundreds to thousands of each console at their launch and respective resell dates (Cyber monday for instance, where all the consoles sold out in seconds). So with this in mind, how can an ordinary person be able to purchase the newest Xbox console?

Where to buy a Xbox One Series X / S

Given how fast the new xbox consoles deplete, there have been new social media pages created that solely focus on monitoring when restocks occur for the console; for instance, @XboxStockAlerts. Most of the major retailers of the console - Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Gamestop - are sold out of the consoles since they are targeted by scalpers/resellers and experience website crashes due to large customer traffic which overloaded bandwidth usage of the websites. Because of this, smaller E-commerce websites are a smart option to try and find the console, whether domestic or international (includes higher shipping costs). If you still want to test your luck, here are the top sellers: 

If you yourself still can't get your hands on the xbox consoles and don't want to lose out to an unfair advantage, you can use bots just like others do from the top bot providers. Here are some top bot providers that support Xbox consoles:

Using any of these bot providers will increase the opportunity of sealing a new Xbox Series X or S console. But now if you use the bot, you might be wondering, where can I get a bot for the new Xbox consoles?

How to get a bot to buy a Xbox Series X / S

You can easily purchase a bot through the bot providers own website. However, bots specifically made for console restocks can get sold out as well, which is why sites like can help you attain the bot you need since it provides a marketplace for all the various different kinds of bots in use. You can also find social media pages or discord servers that also provide these specific Xbox bots. 

Once you have the bot, their is still one last step left - Proxies

Spider Proxies for securing a Xbox Series X / S

If you're using a bot to constantly monitor websites that sell the console, you may find that your bot might have stopped working, and the common reason is that the bot was blocked by the website servers. When this happens, you can no longer access the website even without the bot, since your own physical IP address has been banned. What is needed to avoid this are residential proxies that have a feature called rotation. Not only does the proxy change your IP address to a different authentic one, but a rotating proxy allows the IP address to be automatically changed if any issue arises or for every new request made on a website-- Spider residential proxies have this awesome feature. 

With all this in mind, you now have the skills and insights to try and secure the next Xbox Series X/S console restocks, wishing you all the success!

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