How shifting IPs can help you replace your own IP address

How shifting IP’s can help you replace your own IP address

IP shifting - colloquially referred to as bouncing or hopping - which involves changing the IP address of a user, helps them avoid being blocked or banned by a website that blacklists IP’s they deem suspicious. 

IP Shifting basics

Given that IP shifting refers to altering the group of IP addresses, it may appear simple to achieve this with a proxy server. However, this shifting is not so straightforward as use-cases vary, such as data scraping and script automation. A user that utilizes IP shifting tends to make thousands to millions of requests, which means using a single or couple of proxies is not enough. This shows why IP shifting requires a large pool of proxies. The best kind of proxy for this activity are residential IP addresses since they are legitimate IP’s - home users - that can be sourced from almost any country on earth and are each unique. Residential proxies are rarely blocked or banned given its nature, allowing them seamless function for crawling and hiding a user’s original IP address. 

Using IP shifting in one country 

Since changing IP’s for a single user can raise red flags to a website’s security software, it is important to take precautions to prevent the account user from being banned from the website. These measures include clearing cookies before switching to a new IP connection, and sourcing proxies from the same country. In order to employ and change proxies from the same region, you can utilize backconnect nodes for that particular country; they function the same as a proxy grid, the only difference being they allow access to a restricted set of proxies belonging to one geographic location. For example, if you use backconnect nodes in London, England, only IP’s located in that city can be altered. 

Is IP shifting software necessary?

Definitely not, as Spider’s premier residential proxy network provides a user the ability to change IP addresses with each new connection made or for every session, with specific time configurations being an added benefit if required. Our pool of residential proxies can be utilized with any script software, bot, web browser, and electronic device.

So what are you waiting for, start IP hopping today!

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