Air Jordan Residential Proxies

Air Jordans by Nike are one of the most popular shoe brands in the world, with many new releases selling out quickly. Because of this, it can be difficult to purchase and acquire the hottest Jordans when they are in such high demand by millions of consumers worldwide. That is why a Jordan proxy and sneaker bot is vital to landing the kicks, especially limited or special edition releases. 

How to ensure quick connectivity for Air Jordan drops

A PC or laptop with a fast CPU and internet connection will make it easier for the prescribed bot to successfully complete its goals. It is important that both elements are high quality or else the bot can be hindered and not attain its complete effectivity. In terms of internet speeds, since accessing websites takes 3-steps which then is coupled with a 4th step when you factor in the proxy connection, it is crucial that this whole process is completed as fast as possible. People like sneakerheads are used to these procedures as they constantly run a multitude of proxy servers (IPs) and sneaker bot assignments. The necessary sacrifice when using residential IPs are changes in speed performances as the proxy servers can be fast or slow depending on its geographical proximity to the website host server. So slightly slower speeds, but nearly zero bans or timeouts on the proxies being used on the websites. What is good about Air Jordan proxies is that they are located near the Jordan website servers, making the connectivity speeds fast when buying the shoes. 

How to best use Air Jordan Proxies 

The vital step when using Jordan proxies is to make sure the option ‘location targeting’ is on, which can be found in the user dashboard. Once there, click on the ‘Endpoints’ section and select one that is nearest to the website server that you plan to buy the Jordans from in order to guarantee fast connectivity rates. Once done then you're all setup. For example, if you want to buy Air Jordans in the US, you would configure a US proxy for the sneaker bot and the proxies would be exclusively employed in the US. Sometimes the Jordans someone wants may be located in a different country, so they can select a proxy location in the Spider dashboard and copy/paste the endpoint into the shoe bot. If you still need help setting this up, you can contact us and we'll go ahead and manually complete the process for you on our end. 

Again, In this type of occasion , the crucial factor - as the saying goes - is: Location, location location! 

It is important to note: the best kinds of proxies for these activities are residential proxies since they will rarely be blocked by websites and any country can be chosen for using a specific IP location from there. In terms of bot and proxy harmony (being used together successfully), as long as the bot supports HTTP/HTTPS, then our proxies will work 100% of the time. Spider residential proxies are perfect to pair with any sneaker bot, including popular ones like: AIO, Better Nike, Easycop, Soleslayer, and Another Nike.  Lastly, our proxies are the premier quality kind, with prices starting at $75 / month for an unlimited supply of residential IPs-- pricing is based on amount of gigabytes used and not proxy quantity, therefore you can administer thousands of sneaker bots with no problems whatsoever. 

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