What is Earn™? How does it work?

We allow people to share their Internet connections but no privacy information. Spider.com crawls the Internet for everyday data. Internet Service Providers generally have large data plans with huge quotas that are never fully used. We pay $1.50 per 10GB of data. Unused data is now worth some passive income and of course it is effortless! The best part is what happens when you tell your friends, we pay 25% of what your friends earn too!

Essentially you can earn a percentage of lifetime revenue for referring friends that earn with us.

The Spider.com network is used by researchers from Travel, e-commerce, advertising, and web intelligence companies. These companies extract insights from the web to enable market research, secret shopping insights, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation, and SEO monitoring services.

Having unique IP addresses is what makes Spider's network so great for researchers.

How much do I earn from a Referral?

You earn 25% of your friend's lifetime earnings! But it gets even better, anyone they refer you also get 10% of friends of friends lifetime earnings! Here is a quick breakdown of what you earn based on how many levels they are in the referral tree from you:

First level is 25%.

Second level is 10%.

3rd and 4th level is 5%

5th through 10th level is 1%

Having a strong network of users that installed based on your recommendation and you can earn considerable income!

Is my personal computer safe?

You bet! We don't gather and share personal information about you or your computer. The research we do is strictly with gathering information from open free websites that are hard for access for researchers that need a lot of data.

How do I get paid?

Give us your PayPal account in your account settings and tell us when to send the money. Everyone is eligible to receive a payout if they have accumulated over $20.00.

Will Earn™ slow my connection down?

NOPE. We use the same amount of bandwidth as watching two Netflix movies over the course of a month. You will never notice that much traffic in the background.

Still have a question?

If you can’t find your answers in our FAQ you can always contact us we will answer to you shortly