How to make money with a Team


Go Team!

Want to pool resources and earn money for a cause, goal, or event (anything)? You can easily create a team in the Income app and do just that.


Create a team

Simply right-click on the Income icon in the system tray, select ‘Go to Dashboard’, click ‘Teams’, then ‘Create New’. Enter your Team info, decide if you want it to be public or not, then click the 'Submit' button.


Add to your team

You’re all set! Now when you send your referral link to other friends you’ll also have the option to invite them to your team.


Choose what to give

All Team members, including the Team Manager(s), will have the ability to choose what percentage of their direct income goes to the Team. Once you're on a team open your user drop down from the Income dashboard, select your team, then use the slider to choose how much to donate.


Grow your Team!

The more Team members you have the more your team will earn and remember: the more people you invite to Income, the more you make via referrals.