SDK Partner

Help with distrubtion of Spider nodes

Having a large network is important to us. We are always looking for more nodes. So if you maintain an applicaion on Android or Windows that has an install base over 100,000 users please apply to be a partner with us. For every 100,000 Daily Active Users we will pay you $100.

Spider doesn't collect information on users or the device. We only use the device for IP transit. We connect with airlines and shopping sites to gather pricing and other frequently changing data points so that business can have better intelligence on competitors.

Read more about our APP monitization program and apply today! It is nice to generate revenue without ads in your applications and our bandwidth usage in minor so users are not concerned. We are transparent with users so we require apps to disclose our usage in their Terms of Service.

The full SDK license agreement talks about the the relationship between Spider and our Partners. If you have any questions about the licence connect with our sales team.